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How to Remove Switch?

This is rawther embarrassing - but I need to ask you folks a basic 
question.  The driver's door window switch is not working on my 1990 
200.  It has been intermittent for a while - but now it has taken 
the week off.  I have all the repair info on the switches archived - 
and was ready to pull it and either burnish the contacts or hit it 
with contact cleaner.  (I sprayed it from the exterior, anyway...)

This switch is, of course, located in the panel containing all window 
switches, seat switches, etc. in the driver's door armrest.  I 
removed the armrest and the panel, ready to pop that ol' switch out 
and tear it down.

BUT - when I got the switch panel out of the driver's door and insde 
the house, I can't see how to get the silly switch out of the panel 

Looking at the window switches from the side, I DO see two 
verry, verry small tabs just under the surface of the panel - meaning 
they're near the rocker area of the switch.  I tried gently prying 
the side of the panel sidewall outwards and rpessing in on the tabs
one at a time....but the switch didn't back out when I pressed on the 
rocker area to back it out.

Attempt at ASCII art:


______^^^^^^^^_________  <-surface of panel in which switches mount
     | _   _ | <-two tabs shown, visible thru sidewall of panel
     |       |
     |       |

So the question is, do I have the right idea on removing the switch - 
and just need to depress the tabs and push HARDER???  Ideas re 
appreciated.  Just don't wanna break the stupid panel trying to save 
a switch!!

TIA, folks!

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