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hood protector

Thank you for the replies concerning how to protect the front end of 
my 20V 90Q.  In the following paragraph, I will share some of the 
suggestions received.  After considering the suggestions, I purchased 
a two piece bra (hereafter called a front end protector) from the AUDI dealership.  
I have a question for those of you who keep a front end protector  on 
your automobile.  The instructions suggest that you never let the front end 
protector dry on your auto.  Does that mean 
that everytime it gets wet from the rain, I need to take it off and 
let it dry before putting it back on the auto OR does it really mean 
take off before you wash your automobile.  Any advice about the 
proper way to maintain a front end protector and the paint finish is appreciated.

Here is what I learned from list members in response to my previous 
question and upon further investigation.  A contoured hood protector 
(bug deflector) is unavailable for the AUDI 90 because the lip under 
the hood where it would need to be fastened is not wide enough to 
permit fastening.  Some list members suggested trying products like 
color matched auto tape (common you say in Canada) or a 3M product 
called Stoneguard  which is a vinyl pre-cut sticky tape (which I could not find).


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