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Re: Rear brake caliper, '87 5KCST

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jerry Fields say:

> I have a frozen rear caliper on my '87 5KCST. Can the caliper be rebuilt by
> a D.I Y. mechanic, or should I go looking for a used/new/rebuilt unit?
> Local auto parts store quoted me a rebuilt price of $169.00 complete with
> pads, or $139.00 without pads. I have the Bently manuals, and have done
> brake calipers on motorcycles. However, Audis are usually different....
> If any members of this list do brake caliper rebuilds, I would consider
> shipping mine off to you. (Please E-Mail me rather than post to this list
> if you wish to respond.)

Good timing.

This mail arrived while I was on the phone with my mechanic about
my rear brake caliper.

He didn't talk about rebuilds; he's just getting me a rebuilt one
for about $160 with pads. Since there are rebuilt ones, somebody
must rebuild them, but I can't be without my car waiting, so I'll
just get it put in.


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