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Audi "Bra"

> From: "Rich Segal" <segal@cop.health.ufl.edu>

>  I purchased 
> a two piece bra (hereafter called a front end protector) from the AUDI dealership.  
> I have a question for those of you who keep a front end protector  on 
> your automobile.  The instructions suggest that you never let the front end 
> protector dry on your auto.  Does that mean 
> that everytime it gets wet from the rain, I need to take it off and 
> let it dry before putting it back on the auto 

YES!!!!!  I have bubbled the paint off a hood neglecting this!  And 
YES it is a pain in the a**.  (hereafter called a PITA)

> OR does it really mean take it off before you wash your automobile.  

YES.  Both of the above are true.  It should never be on the car when 
it is wet.  It is also necessary to remove it and wash underneath it 
to get at dirt.    PITA.

Eventually, it will ALSO be necessary to have your car re-painted 
where the bra rubs the finish as the wind moves it constantly against 
the car as you drive.  I have seen too  many cars damaged this way.  
PITA redux.

>Any advice about the proper way to maintain a front end protector 
> and the paint finish is appreciated.

Not meant to be unkind, as I'm not sure there is a satisfactory solution.  
A bra is not a magic bullet, and it is a very high-maintenance, temporary 
olution to trying to avoid rock chips.  I have seen many cars with 
paint wear due to their abrading actions fron wind making them move.  
I gave mine away feeling that it was more trouble than it was worth.

(Knowing this list, other members will probably defend them 

>  Here is what I learned from list members in response to my previous 
> question and upon further investigation.  A contoured hood protector 
> (bug deflector) is unavailable for the AUDI 90 because the lip under 
> the hood where it would need to be fastened is not wide enough to 
> permit fastening.  

This may be true - but I'm more inclined to think that no one has 
made them because there aren't enough Audis sold to make a buck on 
it.  Ther are LOTS of droF and ybbehC trucks on the road so they're 
worth making them for.  (Why would anyone put a bug protector on a 
truck???  Maybe for the same reason some folks in pickups drive 
across speed bumps in parking lots at 0.1 miles per hour....)

Good luck with the Audibra, Rich.  If you're careful with adjusting, 
removing and reinstalling it, it may work OK.......

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