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"Pop" Music on Radio

> From: Preston Brown <pbrown@cygnus.sy.yale.edu>
> OK, while the radio is working now, it has a little, persistent problem.  
> When I first turn it on or when I switch between frequencies on the 
> radio, I always get a loud POP noise.  What could be the cause of this?  
> The radio didn't do this in the old Honda.

Hmmmmm...Preston, a POP is often caused by a grounding problem.  (I 
have the new Crutchfield adapter for my Bose-to-Sony conversion and 
a POP when turning the radio off is the one thing still hanging me 
up.)  I suggest you take a real close look at options for grounding 
and experiment with them.  Try using a jumper test wire(s) to ground the 
radio body to chassis, antenna shield to chassis, and radio ground 
wire/original chassis ground lead to the chassis - or all of the above.  
***********ONE CAUTION: do not ground the negative leads 
which come from the radio to the speakers.  On most radios, this will fry 
the circuit.  These negative leads should only be connected to the 
speakers, not to the chassis.

I'm betting it's a ground problem and that by trying various 
combinations of grounds, you can solve it.

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