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finger Miming

In a message dated 96-04-01 16:23:15 EST, you write:

>find it takes some time for me to actually find the real information in 
>the post.  Is there any way that the spurious header info can be removed 
>to make it easier to find what is important?  It's probably not necessary 
>in all cases to include the original message as an attachment, but that 
>isn't too distracting ... actually I noticed that by snipping it the 
>message became more obvious ...

Yes, Steve is right.....  The delete key will get hit when one can't read
mime anyhow, so why bother with the warning......  Hmmmm or better yet, if
you can give the warning without miming it (some pun intended here), why not
just post the rest of the message?????