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Re: May EC, pagid pads

At 10:28 AM 3/30/96 -0500, Stephen Williams wrote:

>	Second article in same mag is about a S6 prepped by Joe Hoppen.  
>Joe gets pretty outspoken in this article about ECU chips.  Hmmmm, wonder 
>who he is referring to?  Really good articles, wish I could scan them on 
>for you.  

haven't seen the article yet.  an interesting comment about Jo Hoppen and
chips.  I've seen where Ned put a comment in his materials about "pulling
away from" a Hoppen S4.

learned something else the other day.  some time back, someone mentioned
that Ned wasn't selling the Pagid brake pads anymore (or at least, didn't
have any to sell).  called Ned to see if anything had changed--nope.
particular comment:  the U.S. distributor was related (son?) to a major
competitor of his.  I didn't quite make a connection until a few days later
-- I called a major vendor of Pagid pads (Hyperco--advertise in PCA's
Panorama) to see if they could locate any -- nope -- don't stock them, not
sure on fit.  call the distributor/importer.  what they found out:
distributor seemed to be VERY knowledgable about the Audi applications (even
suggesting different compounds front/rear to deal with bias problems) and
such.  distributor:  someone called Ken Hoppen.  


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