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This message IS in MIME format

Steve, thanks for "name changed to protect the guilty", namely me. I use
Microsoft Exchange, mandated by employer, which defaults to MIME. I have no
choice, unless I go to Eudora or something, with a private (costs me)
account. NOT.

Dan, is there some way to strip the MIME junk out? It really has very little
use on this list, given that some of us suffer from non-MIME aware email
front-ends, and we need a least-common-denominator format to communicate.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>I notice more and more messages like the one I have excerpted below.  I
>find it takes some time for me to actually find the real information in 
>the post.  Is there any way that the spurious header info can be removed 
>to make it easier to find what is important?  It's probably not necessary 
>in all cases to include the original message as an attachment, but that 
>isn't too distracting ... actually I noticed that by snipping it the 
>message became more obvious ...
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)
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>Here's info on the driver's side front suspension stuff, on my 1990 Coupe
>Prices from Linda @ Carlsen last week:
>RF hub - $198
>Front wheel bearing - $69
>Control arm bushings - $7.15 each
>Front ball joint - $72
>Front tie rod end - $16
>Replacing everything except bearing and control arm bushings is fairly
>Bearing is a) a trick or b) easy using Audi tools. Control arm bushings are
>a) a trick or b) easy using a press. Any of this except the bearing will
>require an alignment job.
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>???? ????? Quattro
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