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Re: Instrument Panel Bulbs: Need Help


To change the instrument panel bulbs you have indeed to remove the
steering wheel. Assuming yu have an Audi 82-87 (for this I know the
procedure) you have to remove the horn plate first. Then you'll see the
nut you have to remove. Pull off the wheel (and don't forget the position).
Then unscrew the two Phillips screws in the inner top of the instrument
panel. With force you now can pull out the whole instrument cluster.
If you have a mechanical speedo, unclip the speedo wire; then pull the
panel a little further and unplug the electrical connections. On the back
of the panel now you see two big bulb-holders (sp?). The small ones on the
bottom row are for the idiot/signal-lights.

"Reassemble in reverse order..."

But: My manual says: Don't remove the steering wheel yourself, if you
have an airbag...

Hope this helps...