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<A4> finding headlight bulbs

For those of you who like to carry spare items such as headlight bulbs,
fan belts, etc., I have done a bit of phone calling to find spare bulbs
for my A4.  I thought I would pass on the results.  

The A4 uses an H7 (yes seven) for low beam and high beam.  It uses and H1
for the fog light.  If you forget, look closely at the lens, it is stamped
with the bulb designation in the approriate location.  

Anyway, I have had lots of fun explaining to parts vendors that I do not
want an H4 or a 9007.  Few had them.

I found luck with Imparts, where I spoke with Larry.  He has H7s for
$12.48 each and H1 100W for $5.59 each.  I feel certain these prices are
much lower than your local dealer.

Although your dealer will replace bulbs under warranty, they can't do much
for you in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere.  


Eric Schumacher