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The Audi Gods Are Angry

First i want to say thanks for all the helpful hints i got a month or so 
ago with my door handles on my 85 5ks.  I used the white lithium grease 
and lubed everything: handles, locks, locking mechanisms, hinges.  It 
worked great!  No more door problems.  BUT......I still have one big 
problem and another noise that worries me.

	First, the noise.  When i turn the car off there is a sound a 
couple seconds later from the right rear.  It isn't very loud, you have 
to pay attention to hear it.  It is kind of a whistle.  The noise 
resembles that made when a plastic tube is swung around in the air.  I 
was wondering if this had anything to do with the way my car starts.  I 
usually have to hold the key for 2-7 seconds before it will start, but 
once started, runs great.  Any guesses Audi Gurus?

My big problem is the instrument panel lights etc.  A while back the 
inst. panel lights went out along with lighter, gear selector light, 
climate control lights.  However, the red lights on the climate control 
still worked.  I took it to a trusted mechanic back home and he said 
there was a short on the back of the instr. panel and he fixed it.  I got 
it back to school and that night when i went to use it i turned on the 
lights and they worked fine (except for the gear selector light).  UNTIL 
i put the car in reverse.  As soon as i did they all went out!  I figured 
must be a short in the gear selector light.  I opened it up the next day 
and sure enough one of the wires to the light socket had come undone.  I 
borrowed a soddering iron from a friend and reattatched it. I went to the 
parts store to get a fuse and gloat in self satisfaction.  When i put the 
fuse in nothing happened.  I checked the fuse. it is still fine.  still 
no lights.  WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!

At this pont i was frustrated and the next day i pulled the entire center 
console looking for another short (i'm no electrical engineer).  I pulled 
the instr. panel too.  when i put everything back together without seeing 
anything obvious the speedometer didn't work.  Tach works fine.  I'm 
wondering if it is because i just didn't quite get it back onto that knob 
the spins it or what?!?!  I tried several more times to just pull it out 
slightly and reinsert it at a different angle but still nothing.  Any 
ideas?????   PLEASE AUDI GODS, HAVE MERCY ON ME!!!!!  I promise i will 
clean it when i go home for easter.  Maybe thats my only problem.  It 
could use a good vaccuuming and a nice wash and wax.

					 85 5ks