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Re: Lower Control Arm boots

>My mechanic tells me that I have recently torn a small hole
>in the grease boot on one of my front control arms ('89 100Q).
>For now, I figured on wrapping it in plastic and duct taping
>it together to buy me some time.

Best temporary cure for a ripped boot is some Dow RTV silicone adhesive.  
Don't tell anybody, but I've been going on an RTV repaired boot for over 
a year now.

>Questions: is the boot itself (or some kind of repair kit) available
>from any source?

The dealer will claim that you can't buy the boot as a separate item, but 
Sport Wheels claims otherwise.  Give them a call at 970-945-2708.  I 
don't know where they get the boots, but they always seem to have the one 
you're looking for.

                                                         Dan Bocek