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SoCal QCUSA Meeting #1: Report

The first meeting of the SoCal Chapter of the Quattro Club USA took 
place on April 2nd in Sun Valley, at the home of Merkel Weiss.  Merkel's 
residence provided a terrific site, as we could socialize, barbecue, 
and mingle amongst the nearly twenty gorgeous Audis that showed up. 
Firstly the cars:  We had no less than 2 S4's,  2  90 Coupe Q's, 
2 V-8's, 2 90Q's, 2 200Q's, 2 5KQ's, 2 4KQ's, and 2 Ur-Q's. If Noah's 
had been a car guy, this is what he would have put into his arc. We 
had nineteen people attending, including at least four quattro-list 
members. Thanks to Karen at HQ for getting invites into mailboxes 
in an incredible two days. 

Events under consideration include: 
-Attending Rim of the World Ralley - May 3-5 in the San Bernadinos, 
-The Virgina City Hillclimb, Virgina City, NV, June 22nd -23rd, SCCA 
-Time Distance Ralley Series, first Friday night of each month, 
-National Touring Car Championships at Laguna Seca - Labor Day, 
-Pebble Beach Concours in the Fall, 
-and Semi Regular week night meetings. 

These would likely include showing of Audi Videos, Technical Sessions, 
and guest speakers.  We hope to secure Peterson Automotive Museum 
as a site for a future meeting and hold a group tour / meeting. The 
location in on Wilshire Boulevard across from the County Art Museum. 
Our speaker from Audi Design Studios was forced to take a rain check 
so we hope to arrange that presentation for on of the next meetings.The 
difficulty in booking track days was discussed at some length, and 
this may force us to combine with other clubs to obtain track access. 

Lastly, I want to say a few words about the great people in
this club.  We have a superb blend of experience and savvy with plenty
of can-do enthusiasm. I recieved lots of encouragement and promises
to help out in the future. I plan on working with the members, the
NorCal chapter and headquarters to make as many of these events
happen as possible.  Further information on upcoming events will be
passed allong as it firms up.  Hope to see you there.

Paul Timmerman
Chapter Organizer
SoCal Chapter QCUSA

<<< That's the official text >>>

I also wanted to add that it was fun meeting the various people
from the list in person, Paul, John, Peter...  I think we even
got a car problem solved during the meeting. (Crumbling kitty).
Had a new one too, my driver's door handle finaly let go competely.
Such is life with Audi's.  I can only hope the other chapters are
having half as much fun.