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Re: BOGE Turbo Gas?Hydraulics?

At 08:57 02/04/96 -0500, Mike Hopton wrote:
>     Does anyone know if Boge make Turbo Gas shocks for 1983 ur-quattros?
>     The companies I have contacted in the US claim the only Boge shocks 
>     available for 83-85 ur-qs are Boge hydraulics. AM cars in the UK
quoted me 
>     for Turbo Gas (but I am dubious). Anyone in the UK or Europe know if the 
>     Boge shocks available are Turbo Gas or Hydraulic.
>     The Boge Hydraulic part numbers in the US are:-
>     32976-6 and 327977-6.
>     I'll probably go with the hydraulics (unless the availablity of Turbo gas 
>     in Europe is confirmed). I know, I know I should go with Eibach
springs and 
>     Konis....  well I'm going with H&R's and Boges.
>     Thanks, Mike


BOGE Turbo-Gas for ur-quattro???
Yes, they are available. I bought a set of four just two weeks ago for my 
April'85 ur-quattro. I have also replaced the top mounts just in case.
All four corners are the same part numbers.
BOGE Turbo-Gas inserts......BOGE part no. 32920F
 (They are listed on page 12 of the BOGE catalogue)
I purchased them from my local aftermarket shop for 51 Irish pounds each.
I believe they were supplied to him by German and Sweedish in the UK (who
advertise them in Volkswagen Audi Car magazine every month at 46 pounds Stg.
I went for original fitment as I want to keep the car as close to original
spec. as possible. (The condition of most Irish roads had some bearing on
this as well!)

George Harrison,

'85 ur-quaqttro
'86 80 Sport