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Re: *VERY FUNNY* Please Read!

Ben Howell wrote:
>  Alright everybody, it time to put our heads together. This list of
> acronmyns was forewarded to me from a friend who is on the
> "Porschephiles" list. I think they are all absolutly gut rippin' funny,
> but I find it interesting that there is not one acronymn for Porsche. If
> anyone out there has one for PORSCHE me please e-mail it to me and I will
> make sure that it gets to the "Porschephiles" list. I am not particually
> pleased with the Audi acronymns, so this is war! I will be up late
> tonight trying to figure something out.......
> Laters, Ben
> bhowell@rmii.com

	OK, what the hell:

	Porsche's Old Racketmaker Scorns Coolant, Heats Engines

	How's that for a self-referential definition?