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Back Seat Coupe

Removing the rear seat of a coupe is a joy of perverse simplicity. Hard to
believe that cushion is just a gigantic piece of foam, isn't it? BTW, you
have now discovered a partial step in wiring an amp in the trunk.

To remove the rest of the seat: according to Bently's, you need "Two
technicians". Not so. There are two large metal clips that you can see if you
pop the trunk. Try to pry them up and back with your hands. This should get
them half way out. Now, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN back into the car BEFORE THEY
SLIP BACK IN! Just kidding. Go back into the rear of the car and try lifting
the backrest up and out. That's about it. Don't use excessive force on the
clips; this will create a loose fit. 

Pretty amazing how the rear is basically a "snap tight" configuration.

The driver's seats aren't recaros tho some say they are like Porsche seats.
What is really weird is how the driver's side has more room between it and
the door than the passenger side; try adjusting the seat height-it's easier
on the driver's side.