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RE: Extended warranty

Yes, 2.3K is waaaay toooo much. As far as I know, Gieco is *not* offering a
stand alone extended warranty any more. They only offer a road side assistance
w/their auto plan. (My EW is currently w/ Gieco. They took all of Transco's
EW's when Transco went belly up.) So far Gieco has been more than helpful in
honoring claims on my 90 coupe (like the wiper/wirering job for $900! not
$800). yippeee..! 
Make sure you negotiate the price of the after market warranty. The dealer will
get a hefty profit on a $2.3K EW deal. Don't pay for double coverage. Buy the
warranty *after* the factory one expires. Read the contract carefully. If they
tell you only an "Audi" dealer may perform work covered under warranty its BS.
Any authorized shop can do the work. Just some thoughts.

90 90CQ 40K
90 FZR1000 11K

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