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Fwd: Re[2]: <movies> with Audis/Famous Audis


>     Along the same lines.  What about famous people with Audis?
>     I heard once that you can get a fully armored Audi.
>     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

Okay, I guess I'll join this thread, too.  As for "famous" people who 
drive Audi's, recall the November, 1995 issue of Fortune featured an 
article on "The Business Life:  Where to Work, What to Drive, What to 
Wear."  On the cover of this issue is Anthea Disney, then an exec at 
News Corp, who lists her car as an Audi Quattro.  About a month ago she 
became prez and CEO of HarperCollins Publishing.  There you have it, 
drive an Audi and good things will lie on the road ahead.

Long discussion of obscure point, but just my $0.02.


"Q COUP 91"