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Leather Shift Boot

Frank J. Bauer                                                                  
dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com                 
Subject: Leather Shift Boot                                                     
i bought a premade leather parking brake boot from AGLA for my 86GLI            
and it fit perfectly and looks great.  about $40 plus shipping.                 
they advertise in ec.  phone is 800-875-0606.  i'd bet they would make          
something for an audi even though they don't list it.                           
the most expensive thing they list is for bmw - an anatomical one piece         
leather boot and knob (yikes!  can i say that on this list?  sounds             
like they oughta charge 50 bucks to spend 9 minutes with the thing.)            
all disclaimers yadda yadda - satisfied customer blah blah blah ...