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Cheap Performance!!! (not a chip)

A friend of mine looked into a company in LA that provides an item called
the "Tornado."  He showed me the lit and I was interested.  He went so far
as to meet with the company's owner and R+D guys.

This thing installs in minutes (really) and actually enhances the
combustion of the fuel like an air injector would in a supercharger.  My
friend put this in his 1994 Mercedes 300TE wagon and says he has gotten
quicker starts, increased hp, and better fuel economy.  I did not believe
him, but took his car for a ride (before and after).  This Tornado works.

He is copying the lit for me, and I will get it next Monday.  Depending on
your car, I believe it runs from $59 up to $110.  I think I am going to get

Let me know if you are interested.

The Judge