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Brett, Rocky Mtn, Headers...


Brett, if this gentleman at Rocky Mountain is going to design and manufacture
an SS header for the 10V turbo motor, SIGN ME THE HECK UP! And I'll pay an
extra $200 or whatever to get it in stainless. I'm really into this idea
for a couple reasons:

1. I'm really sick of the insanely high prices for performance equipment for
   these cars. There's no reason for it other than the greed and price-
   gouging policies of the couple places that supply this stuff (and they
   know who they are).

2. I'm really sick of trying to deal with the jerks that work for the above.

3. I'm all for supporting cottage industries and individuals that have the
   initiative to address a need like this.

4. Oh, and I almost forgot. I would love to have a killer SS header for cheap
   money. And it's not even that it's cheap. It's just that we have gotten
   used to getting gouged for this stuff.

Now, before I spend a few hundred bucks on this header, I would like to know
a few things about it.

1. I would like some assurance that this piece will be designed in such a way
   that it won't crack like the stock cast iron manifold, and along the same
   lines that it will be something that lasts.

2. I would like to know that this piece will flow at least as well as the 
   factory 2-piece manifold. In other words, is the gentleman designing this
   thing going to have a two piece manifold to compare his design against?
   It would be nice if he had the $2K German header to work with as well, 
   but that's doubtful.

3. And it has to fit perfectly.

These are the issues I have. If the gentleman designing it has addressed these
issues, I'm sold. Brett, can you give us any more info? Do you think we should
all contact him individually on these issues, or are you willing to be the
contact on this one?

Let us know. I know I'm willing to help out in any way I can in order to see 
this project happen.

Thanks a lot Brett,

Bryan Gunn                  Email: bgunn@voicetek.com 
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