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Re: Tires???

   I pose a question before I delve into the unknown. This particular 
   inquiry was probably posed before so I ask again. I have just 
   purchased a set of Ronal 15x7 wheels for my 83 ur-q.  I have decided 
   to purchase either a set of Yoko Inter or Dunlop SP8000. The question 
   is what size. I know that I can go with a 215/50 but I wanted to go 
   with 225/50. I have been told it is possible because the rims are not 
   the 8inchers. They look the same, the nice deep dish look, but with 
   an inch missing. I have been told that the 15x8 with 225/50 on an 83 
   ur-q tend to rub under hard cornering, but with the 7's it is fine as 
   long as I go with a 50 tire. Any feedback would be appreciated.

225/50x15's will easily fit the UrQs. However, they are somewhat smaller
diameter (about 5 - 8% ?) than stock, which will screw up speedo/odo,
lower mpg (but higher delta-a!). 6" wheel is definitely too narrow;
I suspect 7" width is just about ideal (if you get the offset right to
keep it centered).

225/50x16's are "correct" size; As I recall, 225/55x15 would also be
pretty much the right diameter.