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Re: Replacing noisy fuel pump (Boston or Baltimore).

At 04:10 PM 4/4/96 -0600, you wrote:
>So the fuel pump in the back of the car (1990 model 100) is now
>extremely noisy...I guess it is an early warning system :-)
>The local dealer said the pump is $325 or $415 (he is not sure which type
>is in my car), and add another $50 to 100 for labor.
I don't know the difference between your fuel pump and mine (1990 80), but I
recently replaced it for $195, (listed at $316). I have also bought a tie
rod assby. and ball joint for approx. half of quoted local retail.  Just
checked their price on new rotors ($45) compared to local ($69).

The place is IPC (Import Parts Connection) in Fresno, Ca.  I think they have
been mentioned on the list before.  The number is 800-472-1144.  There is a
$10 charge for a catalog for your particular model (ex. mine is '88-'94 80 &
90 models). It is credited against your first order.

Disclaimer:  My only connection is that they consistently beat local prices,
Rod (the manager?) is both friendly *and* knowledgeable!, and I'll do
ANYTHING not to order a part from the dealership!


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Texas Chemical Council	F. (512) 477-5387
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