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RE: Rendez-vous car

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     This thread wouldn't be complete without at least a passing reference 
     to the auot chase scenes in "Goldfinger" where Bond drives his Austin 
     Martin DB5 through a forest and then the factory of Auric Goldfinger, 
     chased by presumably Chinese henchmen in Merc sedans. Smoke screen, 
     oil slick, bullet-proof armor, not to mention the console radar, 
     Ben-Hur hub caps, etc.
     Back when the movie was released, in teenage ignorance, I thought 
     surely the DB5 could outrun the stodgy-looking Mercs, but all that 
     armor plating must've made the DB5 one heavy pup. 
     Anyway, when Bond crashed the DB5 into the factory wall, ending the 
     film life of that wonderful car, the whole movie and 007 series went 
     downhill from there, I thought.
     Mark Andre
     Fort Collins CO
     91 Polar Blue 200 TQW
     87 Arctic White VW QSW
     64 Black Ghia EV project