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Re: No Subject

>I have a passive EQ, and get no distortion and noise.  How does a passive
>EQ "do more harm than good?"  Flat frequency response?  I do not have this
>>"Just don't go for the FM Modulator type setups.  They tie your cd player
>>into your tuner, so its like listening to the radio.  Most car tuners are
>>pretty bad and give a seiously compromising performance.  Its much more
>>worth you while to pull the stock head (that is, if you still have it)
>>and replace it with an aftermarket CD head.  Make sure it has pre outs
>>for you sub amp."
>I have an "FM Modulator type setup" and it is fine.  It is not like
>listening to the radio, but instead actually sounds better than my tuner.
>I had a side-by-side comparison setup with both types of changers, and the
>difference was non-existent.  Have you actually installed a FM type system
>in your car, or is your knowledge second-hand?
>I did not intend to respond to the original question and get a response
>like I did.  Nevertheless, it is necessary for me to relate my stereo
>experiences for those who are looking to save some money without
>sacrificing audio quality.

Well, I'm going to step in here and say a few words.....

"Judge" (BTW What the hell is your real name.... Your pretty prentious 
with this "the judge" Crap) I would have to say that from both your 
response and tone that you've never really heard a good audio system...  
Passive EQ's add noise and can't add gain so their effectiveness is very 
limited.  Active's are not that expensive and MUCH Better sounding...FM 
Modulator CD changers are VERY Limited in response due to the FM section 
on your radio.  Most car Tuners have a Frequency response of 100hz - 
15KHZ +/-3.5db (6 1/2 octaves), CD players are more like 5hz-20KHZ (12 
Octaves, Twice the response) +/-1db.  (Remember 3db is twice as much...)  
Signal to noise ratio for a tuner is 70db and it's 96db for a CD player, 
which means a CD player is 8.6 times quiter. and stereo separation in the 
tuner is 40db and it's 96 db in the CD player meaning that one channel 
can be 18.6 times louder than the other.  Trust me those are difference's 
that even my father with his tinitus can hear. To top it off you can get 
a in dash CD player that will control a changer for less than the cost of 
a FM modulator CD changer.  

You can get great audio in your car and you don't have to pay a fortune.  
But your not going to get it at Radio Shlack.......

Case closed.


Eric Fletcher