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In a message dated 96-04-05 04:17:09 EST, you write:

>measurement or purely listening.  Those designs just don't work.  
>Measurements just don't have the resolution to reveal what the human ear 
>can.  How can you measure qualitative observations like "involving," or 
>"rhythmic?"  What analyzer can measure the "foot tap factor?"  Some 
>things just can't be measured.

The subjective part of objective measurements are the compromises you are
willing to accept for the measurements you are given.....  Do you change the
car design for the audio, or do you take the subjective compromise and
address another measure, and leave the drivers seat where it is....  Quality
of sound can be measured.....  Your definition of "involving" or "rythmic" is
anothers "distant" and "offbeat".....  The compromises you accept are
measureable.....  So are your subjective definitions....  The compromises are
the subjective part of audio design.....