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Re: S/N db's

     Scott, I've been involved in high end audio for more than 10 yrs, 
     mostly car audio.
     I know some people feel that high end and car audio don't belong in 
     the same sentence, but I would argue that. Not here though.
     For a look at my involvement with car audio, pick up the next issue of 
     Auto Sound and Security (yeah I know it's a crappy rag not worthy of 
     going on the bottom of my macaw's cage, but I got published again.)
     In the next issue (june) there is a 92 ACSchnitzer 318is that we did 
     at my old shop that won it's class and took third in a related class 
     at the IASCA finals. It was also voted "best sounding car" at the 1996 
     CES in Las Vegas in Jan.
     Ok, now I'm feeling boastful..............
     What I mean to say is that there are so many people that are 
     uneducated about audio in general, let alone high end or audiophile 
     grade systems that they use what few buzzwords they've picked up in a 
     dangerous way. Thats the main reason that although I'm sure I could 
     prove to be an asset to someone looking to learn, I refuse to play 
     teacher. Too many opinions coupled with too little knowledge on the 
     part of the consumer.
     Lets take the misc b.s. about audio for what it's worth, 

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Subject: S/N db's
Author:  PDQSHIP@aol.com at Internet
Date:    4/5/96 03:07 AM

In a message dated 96-04-05 01:53:11 EST, you write:
>Those are just the subjective differences.  There are many others that 
>are objective and less tangible, but very important nontheless.  
>Designers of tuner circutry usually don't give a hoot about audio quality 
>because the signal being recieved is prettly low fidelity anyway, so why 
>pass it through an expensive high quality audio stage?  Things like 
>dynamics, timbral acuracy, midrange bloom, treble purity, bass punch, 
>etc.  Measurements are one thing, but objective performance, untouchable 
>by measurments, are what we actually hear.
.....  I hear a buzzing sound somewhere in cyberspace.....
1, you have the definition of Subjective and Objective backwards. 2, car 
tuners are rated and hoots are given to them. 3, haven't seen a car audio 
manufacturer yet that doesn't measure EXACTLY what you describe, it's called 
a SOUND FIELD ANALYZER, and it quantifies EXACTLY what you hear in THE 
environment you will hear it IN, and in fact can analyze sound you CAN'T hear 
as well (but your dog might thank you) .  You might want to ck the archives 
on the level of audiophiles here, there are more than a few.......