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Re: What car is this?

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996 dieckeaw@plu.edu wrote:
> There is a guy in the Northwest who used to work for Audi in Germany who
> has a us spec 90 quattro painted RS2 blue with the RS2 (968) brakes and
> suspension components and interior, but the stock V6 and 5 speed.

i was told that he worked for the audi CA design studio.  can't remember
what he was credited for designing.  yes, that car was an extravagantly
dressed up 90Q, but a 90Q it was, because i got to look in the hood while
it was getting its oil changed.  it had the rs2 headlights as well as
the rs2 front grille.  the striking blue colored paint and the interior
color were all unique.  yeah, different, but i would have put my money
into a TQ and aftermarket mods for the turbo.