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Re: <All> GEICO Srikes Again

At 08:26 AM 4/5/96 CDT, you wrote:
>In my continuing dislike of GEICO, I found another gem in the May 
>(yeah, I know, it's April) Car & Driver.  In Letters to the Editor, a 
>Florida reader writes that he called them for one of their "no 
>obligation rate quotes".  He now says he is fighting with the FL 
>division of driver licensing to get two citations off his record - 
>neither of which should appear on it.  Evidently in checking his 
>record, GEICO notified FL of two citations which did not belong on 
>his record - one in CA for which he attended a class, and a second in 
>FL which he took to court and in which the decision was "not guilty".


If you are looking for good, cheap insurance try State Farm,  I am paying
almost half what most other quotes were.  I know theres been some discussion
on this list in the past about State Farm not using new or o.e.m. parts for
claims BUT a) this would only affect you if you had a claim and b) that
practice happens to be illegal (at least in Texas) so I wouldn't worry about
too much.

For those of you not in Texas, check with your state Dep't. of Insurance,
you might be surprised to find that the practice of substituting rebuilt,
etc., parts is only *legal* if you don't challenge it!


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Texas Chemical Council

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