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Re: Stopping RS2 wanna b's

Scott wrote:

> yes and get a system that really is no better than CNC drill and CC on the
> stock rotors.....  968's use 4 pux per caliper, NOT a good thing.....  Think
> single pad per side not 2....  The why question comes to mind....  Is it a
> bolt on, yup for the 5ktq and ur-q and the 200 (inbound neutered
> o'course)....  Is is superior, no way...  NJTH
> Scott
The 968 uses 4 piston Brembo calipers that use 2 pads per caliper like
most any caliper. They are far superior (IMO) to any stock Audi caliper. 

Take care

Jim Dupree
"84" 4K
"81" 4K
Database Development, Alldata Corp. (full time)
Autosport Technology, Sac.  CA (part time)