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Re: Request for newish posters.

>Most of the long-time listers already do this.  But could everyone who 
>can please include your geographical location (remember, this is a 
>world-wide list - country would be helpful) and your vehicles (at least 
>the Audi ones) in your .sig file.  A lot of requests are made for parts 
>and/or suppliers and we haven't a clue what kind of car it's for or where 
>the heck the help should come from.  If you don't have a .sig file or 
>don't know how to set one up, find somebody and learn.  I know some clue 
>can be had from your e-mail address and some of us (Eric) are never in 
>one place for long, but this seems to really help.  Plus, you might end 
>up meeting a buddy.

This is a GREAT idea!  I travel so much who knows who I'll meet!


Eric Fletcher