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Re: Re: Recall info

Terry wrote:
> >What can of info can a Audi dealer tell you about a specific car and how do
> >you go about it.
> >
John replied:
> >
> The dealer is being lazy (Big surprise)  If you know that the car was
> serviced at that dealership, they car look up all service they did by
> referencing the VIN.  
> What if I don't know where the car was service, can any Audi dealer tell by
> the Vin.?

Thanks to computers it is possible for the dealer to look up *ALL* of the 
service done by *ANY* Audi dealer based on the VIN of the car.  The infor-
mation is coded, so you need the secret decoder ring, but the dealer should
be able to tell you what it all means.  I recently saw a notice at a nearby
dealer that stated that they would check any car to see if there were any 
outstanding recalls (for free).  I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this
was actually stipulated by law.  Perhaps you can use the request for recall
info to get the overall service history ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)