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Re: Goodyear Infinitread

>Guys & Gals,
>My brother works at a Goodyear store at home and mentioned briefly these 
>tires that are *supposed* to last *forever* (after three years, the owner 
>is responsible for half the replacement cost).
>I saw the ad on T.V. the other day, but I am real skeptical?  Anyone have 
>any imput on these.  I can't believe they would be good for high speed as 
>the tread has to be soooooo hard!  
>Just wondering.
These tires wouldn't be very good for high speed, Infinitred only comes in a
S speed rating and an aspect ratio of 65-75. They are designed for high
mileage, not high performance. You can't have everything.

Burl Vibert
83 Coupe
87 5000CSTq