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RE:<5KCSTQ> after run relay problem

At 11:02 AM 4/5/96 -0800, you wrote:
>thanks for your help
>it does run at low speed when I jump
>Yes I have seen the inside and considered trying to repair the
>relay. Started to trace the circuit but it was taking to long.
>Does your pump run when jumping the proper terminals?
>Where can I find a new one for 40-60 
>Shokan for NY charged me 45 for a used one and quoted 100 for new
>local dealer also quoted 100.
>this relay should also control the fan when the A/C is used. Doesn't on 

When I checked at my dealer, I believe they quoted me 60.00. Peter @
AudiOnly (who we haven't heard from for awhile) was slightly less. Try
calling IPC in Fresno. I will check my local low price sources and get back
to you. I've yet to find one in a yard...

According to my Bentley - It should not control the fan for AC - At least
for high speed. I'm doing this from memory - it may control 2nd stage tho...

I haven't jumpered terminals inside the car - but I have externally powered
the pump - so I know it words. I also have 12V appear at the pump connection
with the power off - but it won't run the pump.

Also - the guys at Blaufernugen know this thing quite well. 

I've gotten so disgusted over the whole design that I'm ready to price a
Turbo Timer - anyone know how much they cost? 
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