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Re: USAA Insurance

At 06:17 AM 4/6/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Is USAA only for military/goverment folks?  If not, what is their phone 
>number so I can get a quote and compare rates.  
>89 200tqw
Dear Scott,

USAA was started as a non-profit insurance company for US Army officers in
the 1930s.  But since then, you can qualify if you are an immediate relative
of anyone in the military or govt. service.  The best tel. number I have is
1 800 531 8857.  I'm on vacation in NC (home in VT) but am relatively sure
about the accuracy.  Good luck and, incidentally, how do you like the
waggon.  I'm in absolute love with the 90 200tqs and want to retire the VW
Quantum Syncro waggon for a 90 10v 200 waggon or (gulp) a 91 200 20v tqw
Any suggestions as to what to look for.  Think they're all pretty "standard"
but then again, are they???