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Sunroof and Bullitt Movie

I'm responding to some three-day old messages, so I hope these items 
haven't already been beat to death..........

Steve Manning <stephenm@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

(WRT removal of steering wheel & dash)

> ***WARNING*** The Bentley is very firm about only trained personnel removing
> the airbag, never putting it down face down (keep the Audi rings up),
> unhooking the battery first, etc.  You are dealing with an explosive.  If
> you are not comfortable doing it, don't!!!

WELL spoken.  I suggest reading EVERY word of the manual first, and 
disconnecting the battery BEFORE turning a single bolt.
> >What do you lube the sunroof with?  How much do you use?
> White lithium grease, usually from a spray can.  Don't use a ton; it will
> attract dirt when the sunroof is open if you do.

In regard to the lubricant, check the manual.  Recommendations may 
have changed, but in the manual for my 1990 200, silicone spray is 
specified.  This is in the Scheduled Maintenance section in book One, 
I believe.

> From: "Paul C. Waterloo" <74543.407@compuserve.com>

> One of my favorite chase scenes is with Steve McQueen in the Bullet.

Try: "Bullitt".  (I know "The" was not included, but can't remember 
whether the character's name had one "t" or two at the end.

> It has been a long time since I have seen it, I'm sure most of you 
> have.  Chasing through the streets of San Francisco in a ??? (he was 
> driving some sort of mustang, maybe a GT 500 or ??). The guy 
> chasing him had an old, now I can't even remember.  But what I do
> remember is how cool he was during the chase.

McQueen drove a dark green Mustang fastback with custom cast wheels, 
wide tires, and a big block V-*, probably a 428.  I'm not sure of the 
year, but think it was about a 68.  The chase car was a beautiful 
dark blue Dodge Charger with Black vinyl roof.  It was a 68 or 69 
unless I'm mistaken.

BTW - there was an article in Autoweek lately which dispelled a 
misconception I'd had for decades.  It profiled the career of a gent 
who is about 80, who was a prominent stunt driver.  I had always 
thought McQueen did all his own driving in the movie, and that was 
the rumor for years.  But it turns out that although he was fully 
capable, he was such a tidy driver that he just couldn't stand to do 
the fishtails required to make the movie look right.  In fact, after 
seeing the first day's rushes, he turned to this gent and said "When 
you need me for a close-up, you will let me know, right?"

So although McQueen was capable, they used the stunt driver to get 
the right look!  Hope I didn't crush anyone else's illusions...

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