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	Sorry for all the non-Audi "discussion" between me and the judge.

	We have called a truce (Ha).  Let's leave the ticket thing at 
this, okay?  The "law", and how it is applied varies from state to state 
and even county to county.  Some moving violations can be worked out 
w/out later appearing on your record, others can't.  Calif. is apparently 
quite nasty when it comes to speeding.  

	Sad to say, but much of what you get these days in court depends 
on who is there doin' the gettin' for you.  Probably always been that 
way, dunno.  BTW, Judge?  FWIW, we don't look at traffic stuff as "pro 
bono", per se.  Just a favor for clients and friends, nothing more 
nothing less.