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Re: No ABS?

In a message dated 96-04-07 22:13:51 EDT, you write:

>Al,  I don't think it is my foot on the brake pedal causing a back tire 
>to occassionally lock up.  If the front tires are at there thresh hold 
>and a back tire locks I would have to blame it on balance of the car.  
>With the stock suspension the brake dive is horrendous, and I have to 
>believe that the unloding of the rear end is greater than if the car sat 
>flatter.  I also have to say that an abrupt application of the brakes 
>causes the rear end to lock more easily than if the brakes are applied 
>smoothly and not causing such a violent weight transfer.
>Brendan Rudack
>88' 90Q

Since all q's use a single rear a/bs line, not sure this whole exercise is
worth exploring....  Disconnect the front and you have a single channel abs
in the rear?  the why question comes to mind...  Or big brakes all round