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Web site

For give me if anyone has mention this web site:
This is an Internet site for classified cars for sale.  I happen to run
acrross it using Altavista. Actually, I used the Used car section to look
for Audi's (but of course).  There is a nice app that can finger makes. or
you can choose by region of the cars where this organization has classifieds
for.  There were 4 Audis on my search 2 on the East Coast, 1 in Minisota, 1
down under.
This site will tell if you if it is priviate or a dealer as well.  Anyhow,
thought that you all would be interested.

Jordan '82 4000S Diesel

P.S. To get to the used car section goto: http://www.autoweb.com/usedcars/