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Hi there, Fellow Q-heads,

Some wag alleged that, with respect to the insurance companies, there are 
only *two* classes of customers: those who *have been* scrogged by 'em,
and those who will be.

That's close, but ol' Rudyard's cherished cigar box is safe for the moment.  
There's a third class - USAA policy-holders.

After my '66 ettevroC aborted on take-off (at a speed estimated by the OkHP
at over 145) and subsequently went all to pieces over the dissapointment,
USAA cheerfully and promptly handed me a check for $3550, while I was still
in the hospital.  That's $3650, the blue-book value at the time, less the $100 
deductible of my policy.  I had paid $4205 a year earlier when buying it new 
from the dealer  (I was planning to sell it in two more weeks in preparation
for attending the South East Asia War Games (US took the Silver there), and was
only planning on *asking* $3600...

Oh yeah, USAA had decided that, despite my protestations, and despite evidence
that subsequently turned up to prove that I was *not* the driver; USAA decided
that I was, and cancelled me.  When I eventually came back to the world, they
forgave me and let me back into the fold of the blessed...

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart