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Re: Brake calipers

> Don't know if I agree with this and I'll have to toss in my $.02.  I had a
> 1986 5000T. The front brakes were the dual-piston type.

Hmmm ... the '86s came with single-piston calipers.  

> I now have a 1989 200TQW which has the single piston type.

Hmmm ... the '89s definitely came with dual-piston calipers.

Either you're memory has reversed things or somebody did good things to your
'86 5kt and bad things to your '89 200tqw!  PS: I'd be very surprised if the
brake calipers were the cause of the shimmy you experienced.  I wonder if it
was bad wheel bearings or suspension bushings, especially since I have found
the symptoms you describe occur when the rubber upper strut mount breaks (as
they seem to do every 30-40k or so ... good thing they're cheap!).

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