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Re: Brake calipers

On Mon, 8 Apr 1996 GADBOISMT@aol.com wrote:

> but within 500 miles the vibration was back.   Eventually I dumped the car,
> never thoroughly solving the problem.  I now have a 1989 200TQW which has the
> single piston type.  These things are beautiful.  Never a shimmy - stops
> great.  Pads cost a small fortune (>$100), last only 18 months but work
> great.

Still could be the same animal, you werent getting enough cooling for the 
amount of pressure you were exerting. It can be possible however that 
with enough foot pressure, and if your rotor isnt seated on the hub 
properly, you might deform the rotor. By the same token, torquing your 
lug nuts can do the same. 


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