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Re: Radar Detectors -Reply


Couldn't agree more with you.  At times, el policia seem to spend more
time flexing their dimunitive sex muscle than keeping the peace.  There is
nothing that p!$$*$ me off more than watching the evening news &
seeing 5,6,7......... murders in DC in one night & then going out to my car
(A6 Quattro) & seeing a parking ticket on it when I'm less than one (1,
uno, ein, un) minute over the limit.  

The line between the necessity to generate revenue for a Police
Department and the duty of a law enforcement agency to protect and
serve is difficult to see.  Of course, I didn't intend on condoning the
destruction of personal property (detectors) by the police, quite the
opposite in fact.  My post was intended to be merely informative in
nature.  :-)

-Chris O'Conor