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Leaking Turbos?

    Fellow TQC and sedan turbo owners, what is the surest sign(s) that you
are about to go into apoplexy because your turbo might be bad and your
credit cards are already growning? 
   1)  High crankcase pressure (mechanic sez), leaking oil from         new
valvcover gasket and head gasket etc. 
        Plugs look OK though and no coolant in the oil! 
    1A) high oil useage, 1qt/500 miles, high oil pressure even when 
          a quart low (was OK at beginning of trip)    
     2)  Boost will build to 10 PSI (much slower than usual) or so         
 and fall gradually even if you stay on it.  Car runs virtually 
          the same as before off boost. 
  Background, car was fine last time out, the head gasket had leaked since
I bought the car but all the studs were tight and no sloppiness detected
about 6 months ago.  very recently had cold start problems, if it didn't
fire immediately, I would have to crank without fuel until it came to life
then switch on fuel pump.  I originally thought a bad hose/vacuum leak, but
the oil loss/leaks leads me toward the turbo seal road? 
All wisdom gratefully accepted!