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Re: 10V non interference

At 08:44 AM 4/1/96 EST, grant f lenahan wrote:
>1) Audi does not have a service interval for
>ANY of its timing belts - this is a crime.
>2) The 10V's do not interfere, but the 
>turbosmay - dunno about piston shape.

The 5-cyl turbo engines *ARE* interference engines! I have 10 very nice
custom-bent Ur-Q valves and also 5 way-cool Ur-Q turbo pistons with chunks
missing where they kissed. Ouch! They *ARE* interference engines!!!
These pieces all came from the Ur-Q engine I purchased from a Pro-Rally
racer after his cam belt snapped at high revs.   :(    This was the donor
short block and head for the now-just-completed KUQEFH project.

Oh, computed HP based on flow data and computer modeling for the KUQEFH is
367 HP if normally aspirated and with a killer cam......more specs to