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Re: Cheap Performance!!! (not a chip)

>Supposedly it does all that my Swirling the intake air..... Now go look 
>at your intake tract on a Audi and tell me if it's going to work 
>especially on a turbo.... Not Bloody Likley.....  Smoke and Mirrors 
>guys....  For $100 there are better things to do.  If your still thinking 
>of doing it send the C-note to me (new bills only, please) and I'll send 
>you the "Cyclone" and whatever the Tornado guys say they increase I do 

My engine builder went to great lengths to get a good 'swirl' in the
combustion chambers of the KUQEFH's head. First, he started with a 4-cyl
bunny head of similar design that had overheated the cam bearings and was
not usable for rebuilding, etc. He used this donor head to experiment with
port sizes and shapes. Then, once he had satisfactory flow he then
experimented with altering the relationship of the left and right heights of
the ports to generate a swirling effect in the combustion chambers. He uses
a piece of clear lucite over the combustion chamber and smoke injected into
the flow machine airstream to observe the exact shape and swirl of the flow
inside the combustion chamber. Finally, only when he had everything working
to his satisfaction on the donor bunny head did he even start to work on the
Killer Ur-Quattro Engine From Hell's head.

Does this mean that I have little 'Tornados' in my ports?