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Volvo wag

	Interesting note by Lee on 850 wagon.

	>>>HP of Wags<<<  Lee, you are right, 240 stock is a good 
number.  However, for the other side of $35k, I [maybe just me] will take 
my '89 200tqw for >$6k, with Eric's suspension upgrade and some turbo 
mods, have 275+hp, AWD, and what?  $25k in the bank.  Personal 
preference, that's all.

	>>>Torque steer<<<  I felt it.  Then again, I feel it in any FWD 
car w/ decent hp.  Saab 900 Turbo:  [new ones] same story at about 
185hp.  Nice car though, if you like Saab's.

	>>>Jittery ride<<<  On the R drop from 17" to 15"?  Maybe that 
would work.  Dunno, car had 17's.

	>>>maint. work<<<  I can't [and didn't] argue with the 
reliability [and especially crashworthiness] of the Volvo.  However, I 
consider the gremlins of the Audi w/ the price I paid for the car.  For 
me, I will heat up the soldering tool ever once and again, ain't that 
bigga deal---unless you paid 35k for the car.

	>>>Attributes of 850<<< REMEMBER, I said the 850 was a nice 
car--if you like Volvo's.  Yeah, they are big inside, and quite safe.  So 
is the Saab 9000, the LandCruiser, etc.  It just depends what you like to 
drive.  I've never felt cramped in the 200tqw.  If however, I need to 
haul plywood, I'll start up the truck.

	>>>Dorkness<<<  Easy Lee.  Said it with a smile on my face!!! 
Didn't mean to send the ole bloodpressure up.  Maybe I should have 
inserted "over-sensitive" where I used the word "dork".

	HEY, kids, if you like a ybbehc, buy a ybbehc!  I ain't the taste 
police here.  Life is too short. Drive whatever the hell makes you feel 
good.  I'll take mine in Audi turbo AWD, thank you.  Oh, just throw that 
bag full of money in the back, o.k.?  Thanks.