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Re: Engine Swap or Volvo?

On Mon, 8 Apr 1996, Lee M. Levitt wrote:

> Really? The 850R has a 240 horse motor. That's pretty good for box stock.
> Wonder what they're getting in BTCC racing - maybe 350...500? 

Rod and Truck just did a comparison test of the 850r, Bimmer 328, and the 
Mercedes C280 sport.  Of the 3, the Volvo is the lightest and the most 
powerful, by 47 hp (the other 2 claim 193, to avoid the tax hike).  Its 
also the slowest.  Hmmm...that slush must be sucking a lot of power.
> Torque steer? Virtuall none. 

They complained about torque steer too.  BUT, they were comparing it with 
2 RWD cars, not other FWD's, so maybe the torque steer was exagerated 
in light of the other 2.