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Towing w/5k CS Quattro

     Well folks after much checking, and the helpful advice from 
Hans-Juergen, and the helpfull folks at Schaumburg Audi; I finally have a 
hitch.  I was able to order and have installed a DALANE class 2 receiver 
hitch. (part number 2572-02).  It is a normal class 2 hitch except that it 
has a maximum tongue weight of 200 lbs.  The entire unit was installed with 
a speacial wiring adapter that pulls from the battery; for $286.70.  It is 
not quite as hidden as I had originally hoped but after a weekend it no 
longer bothers me at all.
     So this weekend I pulled my boat out of storage, and towed it 120 miles 
back to home.  It was an absolute towing dream.  The boat is a 1500 lbs 20' 
speedboat, and the only thing I had to do was lighten the tongue weight to 
about 80 lbs.  The car road perfectly level, and with a fully loaded weight 
of about 2200 lbs; it was great.  I know that I'm about 700 lbs over MAX 
un-breaked weight, but there were no adverse affects.  So I will stop 
babbling now, but thanks to those who helped and advised.  Although...  I 
little more power would be nice.
Robert A. Dupree
PS:  MPG while pulling 2200 lbs:  18-19   NOT BAD!