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Re: K-jet thanks, trans plugs

   Here's another one: I bought several quarts of the fabled Redline gear oil
   this weekend. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that I could not BUDGE
   the stupid drain and fill plugs on the transaxle and rear end. They take a 
   monster 17mm hex wrench, which I have, but I applied every fiber of my
   being in several different contortions to try and loosen them, but no go.
   Is there some trick to getting them out? Or am I just a big wuss. And yes,
   I'll make sure I can remove the fill plug BEFORE I remove the drain plug.

Well, I'm not publically admitting that *I* ever did this, and am certainly
not advocating that anyone else do it, but . . .

One approach to applying massive amounts of oomph to these guys is to posi-
tion the "wrench" (e.g., 17mm hex on a 1/2" breaker bar; I'd hesitate to
use a ratchet handle . . .) in the plug, slide a handy hydraulic jack under
the wrench, then procede to jack the car up via the wrench until the car's
weight breaks something loose. Hopefully, that something is the {drain|fill}
plug . . . this is obviously a "dangerous" operation and you should NOT
EVEN THINK ABOUT IT but instead go to a "qualified" zoo, er, mechanics
shop where a professional gorilla with an impact wrench can break it loose
for you.